Cinema, baseball, skyscrapers, hot dog:

they are all American symbghostwriter was ist das alt=”” width=”403″ height=”253″ />ols. The Hot Dog is part of American history and culture, representing all social groups. There are several legends about the appearance of this form of serving sausages in bread. One

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of these legends says that a sausage salesman from New York, had the habit to give customers a pair of plastic gloves, not to burn their hands when holding the hot sausage. One day, lacking the gloves, he asked a baker to produce him quickly small white flour breads, buns or croissants genre, on which he put the sausage and poured over mustard.

Around 1890 the street vendor stands were called “dog carts”

so vendors urging their customers to buy shouting: “Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!”. In the late of ‘20s, millions of hot dogs are sold all over the country so we can talk about an official love story between hot dog and America. In America of ’50s, the years after the war, the hot dog becomes an American lifestyle. It was found everywhere: on the streets of New York or Chicago, anywhere on the grill of American families. July 23 is celebrated nationwide in the US as “National Day of hot dog’s”, a proof of American passion for the sausage nestled between two slices of bread. The hot dogs sellers from New York have appeared on the streets of this city about 100 years ago and all this time the hot dog remains in vogue. The symbol of America goes overseas and land in Europe with great success becoming a
phenomenon in the street food.